Smooth adjustment of the brightness and diameter of the light beam
The ability to use an FHD camera
Automatic on/off
Wireless, lightweight and convenient
up to 150,000 Lux
optics 1,5X-5X
Modular binoculars and lenses 1.5x - 5x
FHD WI-FI camera for photo and video recording of works
The possibility of attaching a protective screen for the face
The warranty for factory defects is 2 years
Loyalty Program
Free shipping in Russia
Exchange of an old model for a new one
The best quality, functionality and price on the market
Lifetime free service
About us in numbers
12 000
Illuminators sold worldwide
50 000 h
Efficient uninterrupted operation
7 countries
With free testing
14 patents
On inventions
and technologies
96% buyers
Satisfied and recommend the product to colleagues
For four years of work, constantly improving the product by listening to the feedback of our customers, we have created the best conditions on the market. By purchasing our equipment, you get reliability, confidence in quality and excellent service.
Director's appeal
Hardware capabilities
Cold elements
Our illuminators use modern and high-quality LEDs with high efficiency, which allows them to work long, bright and not get hot.
Free Face
The illuminator does not need to be removed from the head when you do not need to use it. The design of the lamp bracket is designed so that at any moment with one movement you can flip up the light together with the attached optics.
Correct posture
The design of the lamp and the front bracket allows you to carry out work without bending your head to the work area, which relieves the load from the neck and back.
Fix&Go System
The illuminators have a quick-release mounting system, which allows you to install and remove optics (1.5 X-5X), a wireless camera, and a face shield in seconds.
Contactless design
The absence of wires allows you to focus on the work and the result.
No Frame
NOM illuminators allow you to use them with binoculars from other manufacturers.
A large range of adjustment of the size of the illuminator both in diameter (54-66) and in landing height.
Weight and strength
It became possible to reduce the weight of the illuminator 130 g with high impact strength due to the manufacture of the case on modern 3D printers.
Comfortable fixation
The design of the illuminator has a multi-point fixation reducing the overall pressure on the head. With prolonged work from 2 hours, this becomes very noticeable.
Equipment catalog
37 200 ₽
Headlamp NOM2,
186 g
50 000 Lux
7,5 h work time
26 700 ₽
Headlamp NOM3,
225 g
50 000 Lux
7,5 h work time
19 200 ₽
Headlamp NOM4,
64 g
50 000 Lux
26h work time
38 600 ₽
Headlamp NOM1 S,
Adjusting the size and brightness of the light beam, 237 g
150 000 Lux
12h work time
41 600 ₽
Headlamp NOM2 S,
Adjusting the size and brightness of the light beam, 186 g
150 000 Lux
112h work time
38 600 ₽
Headlamp NOM3 S,
Adjusting the size and brightness of the light beam, 225 g
150 000 Lux
12h work time
28600 ₽
Headlamp NOM4 S,
Adjusting the size and brightness of the light beam, 64 g
150 000 Lux
12h work time
26 700 ₽
Headlamp NOM Classic,
Adjusting the size and brightness of the light beam, 186 g
50 000 Lux
7,5 h work time
7,5 h work time
50 000 Lux
Headlamps NOM1,
237 g
16 380 ₽
28 050 ₽
Wireless HD Camera NOM
Micro SD 64 GB
1080P 60 к/с
5 100 ₽
Battery NOM
Magnetic mount
850 ₽
Leather lining NOM
Material: skin
Convenient adjustment
5 800 ₽
Storage case NOM
For transportation
Material: Aluminum
1 920 ₽
Protective face shield on the illuminator NOM
High-quality plastic
16 150 ₽
Magnifying magnifiers with magnification multiplicity of 2.5X and 3.5X
Clear focus
Magnification up to 2.5X
9 240 ₽
Magnifying lenses with magnification multiplicity of 1.5X, 2.5X and 3.5X
Clear focus
Magnification up to 2.5X
The illuminator kit includes
Illuminator Model
UV Filter
Battery charger
One battery
Technical characteristics of NOM illuminators
Large adjustment range of diameter and landing height 53-66cm
Battery with LCD charge indication
26 hours of continuous operation
No wires
Magnetic mount battery
Comfortable fit
Multi-point fixation relieves the load for long-term work
Automatic lamp switching on
The bracket with a built-in switch makes it easier to control the light
UV Filter
For working with cemented materials
Strong and durable
LED with a failure time of 50,000 hours (24 years of continuous operation)
Super bright LED
Smooth brightness adjustment from 0 - 150,000 Lux
Possibility of mounting
protective screen
Will protect your face during work
Quick-release modular optics
The Fix Go mounting system allows you to equip the light with optics from 1.5X-5X in seconds
Wireless camera
Will allow you to shoot your works or training videos in FHD 60k/sec quality
Adjusting the diameter of the light beam
Adjustment range from 2 to 9 cm with clear edges without ghosting
Unique properties of NOM products
Standard USB connector, works from any company's power banks.
Universal to power
The light and mounting optics are implemented so that when working, the head can be held straight, reducing the load on the neck and back to a minimum.
The light is focused by 4 lenses projecting a clear circle of light without halos on the work area.
A clear beam of light
Application for approbation
The application of the illuminator takes place right at your workplace. We will bring you any model you like.
Overview of the
illuminator model NOM1
Overview of the
illuminator model NOM2
Overview of the
illuminator model NOM3
Overview of the
illuminator model NOM4
Overview on the FHD camera NOM
Overview of the protective screen NOM
We give a second battery when buying two lighting fixtures!
And also as a gift for your friend a second battery
"Thank you - these are the best binoculars, the light is out of competition"
"It is convenient, the head does not get tired. The light is very good. Thanks a lot!"
"Thank you very much for my headlamp. It's a pleasure to work!"
Free shipping throughout Russia
Return of goods
The period of return of the goods of proper quality is 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods.

The refund of the transferred funds is made to your bank account within 3-30 business days (the period depends on the bank that issued your bank card).
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